About Brent

For Brent Marshall, “drive” is a loaded word.

The 43-year-old has always held an affinity for automobiles. Cars moved him in so many ways. But the entrepreneur and philanthropist didn’t inherit a world of rad rides and fast whips. Those things would come later.

Those things would come with drive...

Marshall was born in the sleepy commuter town of Hope, BC to a stay-at-home mom and a miner/butcher father. At 11, he watched as his parents courageously shouldered the burden of 16-hour days in a bid to improve their lives. Following their example, Brent learned to hold down employment even as he juggled meal prep and chores in the trailer park, all while serving up a smorgasbord of scholastic achievement. By 15, he was working full-time and then some after school, 3 to 11 both weekdays and weekends.

Conventional thinking suggests Brent would be burnt out by graduation, but he was just getting in gear. Literally. At 18, those long hours yielded one of his first big score, a Mustang GT Cobra that he fastidiously enhanced with modifications, all in a bid to feed his need for speed. Life was accelerating in general; Brent became the youngest employee at Equity Silver Mines and their only summer student, learning cutting & welding, electronics, and circuits courses amid 12-hour days. It seemed nothing could slow him down between joining the mine rescue team and obtaining his Class 1 Professional Driving License.

Until it did.

A devastating motor vehicle accident in the waning days of university left Brent in rehabilitation for nearly two years. But he found something to fill all he had left behind a profoundly enriching experience working with special needs children. 

While his volunteerism provided structure and deep personal fulfillment, what it didn’t offer was financial security. With mounting bills and no income, Brent daringly took a hairpin turn at the behest of his mentor career in car sales.

Turns out, life can prove funny, even when no one’s laughing. The crash that nearly took his life set Brent on a track that offered the perfect synergy between his love of automobiles and his passion for helping people. Healthy, invigorated, and inspired, he would go on to quickly become the #1 Salesperson in BC for General Motors. That set the stage for helming a dealership in a remote town as sales manager and GM, where he transformed the business into the #1 truck dealer in Canada.

And then the fun really began.

After an exceptionally fruitful five-year stint managing large volume stores throughout Alberta, Brent was called home to helm a dealership in Prince George. Within 60 days, the Prince George dealership would become the largest volume dealership in BC and would remain so for nearly a decade under Brent’s stewardship. It would also develop into the largest volume truck dealership in Canada.

Amid opening an HYUNDAI, Nissan, and pre-owned dealership, Brent turned his attention to the community, donating $1.2 million to construct the children’s wing at the local UNHBC hospital. Later, he would serve as Chrysler DAA Advertising President, and leverage his growing influence, as well as unprecedented, community-first operations model to guide each of his businesses toward remarkable charitable endeavors. These businesses include:

  • Omni.auto
  • BDS Solutions
  • Eyes On Auto
  • Remax office (earned the award for highest market share one year after purchase)
  • Earls Restaurant (highest PBF of all stores)
  • Tempest Aviation Group (awarded sole rotable Boeing contract)
  • Geotech Drilling
  • Skaha Ford
  • Northland Dodge
  • Northland Nissan
  • Northland Hyundai
  • 3Mining
  • CCJS Consulting Ltd.
  • CCJS Commercial
  • Dealership Solutions.ca
  • DCC Dream Car Charities
  • V2R Construction Group Inc.
  • Marshall Productions
  • PG Motorsports Park
  • Workout Bar 
  • Autobody Shops
  • Liquor Warehouse Beer & Wine Stores

Brent’s disruptive approach to marketing and mastery of process efficiencies has made an indelible mark on the automobile industry. But ultimately, it’s his drive to leave the world a better place as well as his four wonderful children that keep his engine revving.

It’s been a hell of a ride, and Brent Marshall’s just getting warmed up.