A Thank You, from Canuck Place

Dear Brent,

Thank you for being a part of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge and helping ensure Canuck Place families like the Willms can make memories together this summer.

Thanks to all of your generous donations we have surpassed the match of $10,000, bringing the total amount to $27,670. A special thank you to Brent Marshall Real Estate

You have made summer a time for families to make lasting memories. On behalf of Canuck Place families, thank you for your support. Your donations will help create special memories through medical respite stays at the hospice and recreation therapy experiences filled with exciting adventures.


Your support creates lasting memories.  

Emmett with Gaia, a PADS Accredited Facilities dog, who offers emotional support to children and families on the program.

“Canuck Place is special because of the family-centered care that they offer. It’s not just about the child’s medical needs, but the care is holistic. The medical staff are integrated with the rec therapy team and others to ensure that the needs of the child and of the families are met. We feel cared for as a family when we stay for respite. Our opinions and experience as Emmett’s care providers is validated and we feel affirmed. It feels like coming home – all the staff are so friendly and warm.” – Alisha Willms, Canuck Place Mom  

Brent Marshall, CEO Brent Marshall Real Estate

“I believe it’s socially responsible for every successful business to give back to their community in some way, and help support others who may not be having the same success or luck in their lives. I have found the success of each of my companies is in large part due to our commitment to giving back—this attracts incredible people into our lives.”  Brent Marshall, CEO Brent Marshall Real Estate

Brent has many endeavors in auto, aviation, real estate, film production, construction and health. His philanthropic work benefiting children and the community is the most fulfilling endeavor. On behalf of Brent, his family, and his staff thank you for being a part of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge by supporting the children and families at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.